Olah Katalin - matterzI was born in Sfântu Gheorghe, I lived here until the age of 18 and passed the baccalaureate in Mikes Kelemen High School (Liceul Mikes Kelemen). In 2005, I went to faculty in Cluj-Napoca.

Professional history: After graduating from the faculty in Cluj-Napoca, for almost 6 years I worked as head of institution at the Caritas Organization in Satu Mare, after which I spent 9 months in Iceland, as an EVS volunteer, and from there I moved to Budapest and I worked as a coordinator of volunteers. Since the spring of 2012, for 3 years I have been working on river cruise ships in Western Europe, in the field of hospitality. In 2015 I spent six months in England, from where, in December 2015, I returned to my hometown.

Education: Cluj-Napoca / RO BBTE: university studies, Specialisation: Social Assistance; Bielefeld / DE higher education – Specialisation: case management; Bucharest / RO: English language exam - IELTS Academic level + (courses) Expert in the field of Project Writing + Global Career Development Facilitator according to the North American standard - international courses of career consultant.

As a volunteer, I taught English in the penitentiary, led workcamps for international volunteers, I guide young people, promote environmental protection projects and get involved in environmental educational programs.

I have worked in several fields, both in the private, civil and state fields, as an employee. I have had my own business since 2015. From 2002 until now I have travelled to more than 20 countries in Europe, respectively I have been to America and Asia for educational, work and tourism purposes. I lived for almost 6 years outside Romania, in England, Iceland, Germany, Holland and France.

I had the opportunity to participate in international conferences, workshops, educational courses, collaborations such as international projects, adventurous and substantial trips, during which I managed to develop my relational network, a specialized knowledge and especially my sense of curiosity and attention.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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